About Us

Gone Fishing has emerged after many trips to Asia. Here the dream has grown bigger and the desire to share my fishing experiences with others is now a reality. I have completely lost my heart to this continent and its amazing nature and population. Come and experience it for yourself.


We provide group tours that are guided by me personally and we also provide individual one to one tours for anyone who might be interested in a more private arrangement in Thailand and Myanmar. Thailand is perhaps not that well known for sports fishing but it does have very exciting spots for fishing.


Myanmar, an unpolished gem and a country of great mystery and history located just beside Thailand, has indeed some of the best fishing spots that I have seen in my sports fishing adventures. We are not about moving people in bulk, rather, we are about providing a bespoke solution for you that makes you and your clients or friends satisfied with the arrangements and yearning to come back.

Take a look at some of our tour packages and feel free to contact me personally for more information and guidance.


Although we are focusing mainly on Thailand and Myanmar right now we are also developing bespoke arrangements into both Malaysia and Philippines and we shall be rolling out our arrangements into these countries during 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you!