Terms and Conditions

  1. Agreement bases and prices
    The agreement basis between Gone Fishing and the customer is invoice and itinerary and is binding on both parties when the deposit is paid. If the customer does not comply with the deposit deadline, the agreement is in principle not applicable. By late payment, the customer should be confirmed that the agreement is still in force. The price of the trip is the price quoted on the invoice, and here it is also clear what is inclusive and exclusive in the price. Gratuity during the trip is always exclusive. In certain destinations, there may be expenses that it is not possible to pre-charge. This is typically departure taxes at airports, certain entry fees, fishing licenses and various local taxes. These expenses are never part of the price of the trip.
  2. Cancellation of travel by Gone Fishing
    In the event that Gone Fishing cancels a trip the entire amount will be refunded to the customer.
  3. Cancellation of travel by the Customer
    For the purchase of package holidays, no right of refund shall apply under paragraph 18 (2) of the consumer contract law. 12. The customer may cancel the package in accordance with the following rules: cancellations made by the customer after the deposit has been paid but before the final balance has been paid will forfeit the deposit. Cancellations made by the customer after the total balance has been paid will forfeit the total payment in full. We are happy to help you recover any part of the flight ticket that can be refunded upon cancellation by the customer.
  4. Change of package Travel
    Gone Fishing reserves the right to change an already agreed upon journey with the possibility of an increased tour fee. Please note that changes to the day programme on fishing trips due to Weather is not considered a significant change and possibly lost fishing time can be repaid. Cancelled fishing days do not entitle the customer to further compensation than the lost fishing. In some cases, there may be an approximate departure date for group journeys far in the future. Here the customer must be aware that the date can be changed after the conclusion of the agreement.
  5. Travel and cancellation insurance
    The customer must arrange for all insurances to be in order before departure. Please note that cancellation insurance often needs to be ordered before payment of the deposit.
  6. Customer’s responsibility
    The customer must always check if names are spelled correctly on all documents, here we must have the name as it is in the passport including all middle names. If the customer has failed to provide proper and complete names, any fees for re-booking the flight tickets shall be charged to the customer. It is the customer’s own responsibility to arrive in time for flights and Gone Fishing cannot be held responsible for the late arrival of the customer for a flight, either on departure or return. It is also the customer’s own responsibility that the customer has valid travel insurance. Passport and Visas are the responsibility of the customer. As a starting point, the passport must be valid 6 months after return. We draw attention to the presence of strict rules for entry and transit in the United States (ESTA) and Canada (ETA) as it is the customer’s own responsibility to meet these requirements where applicable. If the customer is unable to obtain these permissions , Gone Fishing cannot be held responsible and the travel price may be lost. When entering South Africa special documentation is also required if you are under the age of 18. A number of other countries have visa rules which the customer has a duty to comply with. Likewise, it is the customer’s own responsibility to obtain vaccinations as needed, refer to your doctor.
  7. Payment and Fees
    Payment can be made by bank transfer or by use of credit card on our website. Gone Fishing does not charge for the use of credit cards but your provider may. The customer is required to check the fee for their payment card.
  8. Price change
    If the exchange rate to USD or Thai baht increases significantly Gone Fishing reserves the right to raise its prices.
  9. Defects and complaints
    Events that alter or impair the journey after the commencement of the trip must be advertised as soon as possible to Gone Fishing or any travel manager. Gone Fishing then has the opportunity to rectify or resolve the situation. If the customer is not satisfied with the solution it must be made very clear to Gone Fishing, preferably in writing. If the customer has accepted the solution, it cannot be advertised afterwards. If the complaint is omitted from the customer’s side, the customer loses the right to later advertise. In case of cancelled fishing days due to bad weather these days can be refunded in relation to the expense. It is only the captain or the travel manager who can cancel fishing days. The customer cannot ever cancel a fishing day with the expectation of a refund. The same is true for illness, no refunds will be granted due to the traveler not being able to fish. Here it is the customer’s own insurance to be contacted. In addition, the customer cannot expect a certain number of fish or catches on our fishing trips, so there is never any guarantee of catch.