Carp Fishing in Thailand

7 Days with 4 Days’ Fishing

Are you a carp fisherman and want to try your skill at catching some big trophy fish? Thailand is the place to be! In Thailand, you will find the world’s largest and strongest carp. You’ll stay at a lovely hotel in Bangkok and fish purposefully for the world’s largest carp, the Giant Siamese Carp. At the same time, there’s plenty of opportunities to catch lots of other carp species. At these great fishing parks, there are up to eight different species of carp.

With this experience, you’ll have the opportunity to combine a luxury holiday in Bangkok with the chance to fish for the biggest fish around. The rest of your time, you can spend exploring this amazing city. The hotel is located in the Sukhumvit area, one of the most sought-after places in Bangkok. This is where it’s all happening. Discover the city’s many restaurants, sightseeing and night spots, or go on a river excursion with music and entertainment. You’ll also get the chance to visit museums, most notably the War Museum at the bridge over the River Kwai, an extremely popular choice for the discerning traveller.

The fishing takes place at fishing parks around Bangkok, where we can guarantee plenty of action. There are lots of fish and they can be absolutely huge! Fish of 50kg are not uncommon, but there are even fish of up to 100kg! Of course, they are very hard to catch, but we can give you the best chance. We fish with traditional methods, mostly Swimfeeder, but each fisherman has their own methods. You’ll benefit from a personal guide, so if you are not greatly experienced, they will show how to get the most out of your experience.

We fish mostly for Giant Siamese Carp, but there are several species that are worth going for. Julien’s Golden Price carp are probably among the most beautiful trophies, as they can grow be 50+ kg, but even a fish of 30kg is a great catch!

In addition, there are big head carp (50kg), Indian carp (45kg), common carp, mrigal, rohu, labeo and silver carp. All exciting trophies to have on your resumé. As a extra bonus, you can even get some giant catfish on the hook!

We fish with two rods each for eight hours a day and the experience will certainly tire you out! Lunch and soft drinks are included on the fishing days and if you want to bring your own gear, just contact us about it beforehand and we’ll accomodate.

Travel Includes:

  • Flight ticket Copenhagen-Bangkok T/R
  • Transportation to and from airport in Bangkok
  • Transport to and from fishing grounds
  • Single room with double bed in hotel with breakfast
  • 4 days fishing with lunch and drinks (not alcohol)
  • All fishing gear and Bait
  • Guide

The Journey Excludes:

  • Transportation to/from Copenhagen
  • Dinner
  • Lunch on non-fishing days
  • Individual travel Insurance


  • Additional Fishing days
  • Excursions

There is room for six participants. Learn more about non-fishing participants.

Price: 20,500 Danish Krone
(USD: 3,000 / EURO: 2,750)

Carp Fishing in Thailand