Mysterious Myanmar

10 Days with 5 Days’ and 2 Nights’ Fishing

Come and enjoy a terrific fishing experience in the exciting and unknown region of Myanmar. Try your hand at fishing in the Andaman Sea after GT, tuna, barracuda and more. Enjoy 2 days in Yangon with sightseeing, 3 days and 2 nights by boat on the Andaman Sea and 2 days of fishing on the coast. Experiment with popping, jigging, trolling, live bait or fly fishing. Everything is possible here, so be one of the first westerners to ever fish in this area!

Myanmar has historically been a place unavailable for visitors, but now it has opened once again for tourism. It is home to amazing scenery and a population whose unique hospitality cannot be found anywhere else. Sport fishing is an almost completely unknown quantity, and Gone Fishing is the only European company that offers fishing trips to Myanmar!


We will fly to Yangon and spend the first two days experiencing the city. Enjoy and explore to your hearts’ content, before we fly to Ngapali Beach, where we will stay for the following eight days at a cozy family hotel near the beach and surrounded by quaint restaurants.

The fishing takes place in traditional fishing boats with a local crew who fish with a hand line and a shrimp trawl. The boats are built for sport fishing and there are two fishermen on each boat. The crew takes care of all cooking and drinks, which are free on board. On each boat, there are three crew members and a guide who will help with the fishing. We will be out for three days and two nights, live aboard with the crew and will have plenty of time for fishing.

The fishing will switch between trolling, jigging, popper fishing and fishing with bait. The first goal will be to encounter and catch giant trevally, barracuda, several kinds of tuna, king mackrel, wahoo and sailfish. In addition, you will be able to fish for everything else on the reef. Since there has been little-to-no previous fishing in the area (the local fishermen almost exclusively target seafood and sardines) it will be exciting to see what else this amazing area offers. Every year, marlin are caught as a by-catch in sardine yarn.

After the days on the sea, we will take two days out to a small island off the coast where there is a reef that accommodates lots of GT and other jacks, as well as a small river estuary where there are large barracuda, sharks etc. Here we will fish from early morning until the sun goes down, after which the guides will prepare barbecue on the beach.

Since you cannot buy or rent fishing gear in Myanmar, you are required to bring your own equipment. Gear recommendations are available on request from Gone Fishing.

The Journey Includes:

  • Flight from Copenhagen-Myanmar
  • Danish and local tour guides (English speaking)
  • Domestic flights in Myanmar
  • Transfers to and from the hotel and fishing spots
  • Hotel in Yangon
  • Hotel in Ngapali Beach
  • 5 days’ and 2 nights’ fishing with guide
  • Food and soft drinks on the boat (excluding alcoholic drinks)
  • 2 barbecue nights

The Journey Excludes:

  • Domestic travel to/from Copenhagen
  • Personal Insurance
  • Rod case on flight
  • Fishing Tackle and equipment
  • Tips (Ca.50 USD)
  • Food and drink on non-fishing days
  • Alcohol

Price for 6 persons:

Price: 20.000 Danish Krone
(USD 2,950 / EUR 2,700)

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